Statement of Principles

Statement of Principles


Our purpose is to sell and manufacture, at a profit, chemicals and other products which are beneficial to the earth, its environment and its inhabitants.

1. We will treat our associates, our suppliers, and our customers with honesty and respect, always remembering the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

2. We will strive to maintain three cardinal virtues: Innovation – Integrity – Excellence.

2a. We will be at the forefront of product development, information technology, marketing and distribution. At Least 30% of our gross sales each year will be from products we did not have five years prior.

2b. We will be honest in our dealings with others. Whatever we promise, we will do, even at financial cost. Our word is our bond.

2c. On our products, our finances, our environment and our demeanor, we will demand excellence.

3. We will strive to be good citizens and we will give generously to charitable and religious causes.

4. We will seek not only to serve our customers, but wherever possible, to satisfy their needs

5. All of us will work together. We will always be open to new ideas and will welcome suggestions for improvement. We will not tolerate bureaucracy and rigid thinking. We will be a close community of happy people working in harmony towards worthwhile goals.

6. We will maintain generous benefits, as well as a profit sharing plan for all associates of the company.

7. Our goal is continued growth with a compound annual growth rate as large as possible, but not less than 30% with commensurate profits.

8. Whatever we do must be in accord with the principles of the Holy Bible.